Monday, 27 January 2014

Battery life of iPhone 4S

Apple is a well known company world wide which is known for its quality products. People are crazy about iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macbook etc. If a person goes for any smartphone, he or she is more concerned about the its look and battery life. No wonder iPhone has a premium look so now lets talk about battery life. 
We are going to discuss about the battery life of iPhone 4S. This phone has A5 processor and Siri voice assistant feature can drain the battery faster. Now you have a new iPhone in hand and whats the point if your are not playing with it or enjoying with it as much as u can. U might a play a game any time, enjoy the music and turn into a photographer the very next time. You might talk to Siri every minute , browse the internet or social networking sites and might have some location based notifications.
Everybody tries their unique methods to save the battery life. Some do not use the Siri feature and some do not play games. What do you think which is hurting your battery the most. You might be searching for these questions and this is really a curious topic as well. 
What happens if you have already upgraded to iOS 7. iOS 7 comes with more features which surely eats up the battery life. Lets find out the solution to save the battery life in the below given link.

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